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Human Table Football This is a large inflatable deluxe version of the popular table top football game with five aside. It’s the ideal activity suitable for all ages and abilities – no previous football experience is required.

Restrictions:Ideally this is for ages 7/8 upwards. It comes complete with its own referee and red/yellow cards!

Obstacle Course The inflatable obstacle course has holes to dive through, a wall to climb over, pillars to squeeze through and an 8ft wall to climb before shooting down the slide to the finish.

Restrictions: This is for five years old and upwards with two people at a time.

 Soft play
Soft Play Soft Play is the perfect activity for children under 1m tall. With 20 differently sized brightly coloured pieces they will play with for hours on end!

Restrictions: Maximum height 1 metre. Eight children at a time.



Bowling Alley Can you get a strike or the perfect game with our 2 player inflatable skittles alley?! With full size pins and an inflatable surround, this activity brings fun for all the family. Whether played competitively or just for laughs, Inflatable 10 pin bowling is always an activity everyone can enjoy as there are no age restrictions

No restrictions

Bungee Run

Bungee Run The Bungee Run is proving to be incredibly popular it’s a great activity for everyone, young and old!

Restrictions Minimum age of 3yrs


Bouncy Castle

Restrictions Maximum age of 10


X-Box Kinect

X-Box Kinect comes complete with 47″ screens, external amp/speakers. These are professionally specified units with 5′ high mounted stands for the optimum game playing experience with a vast range of games.


SportsAble is a unique sports disability charity, dedicated to the promotion of awareness of disability through sport and recreational activity – and the integration of disabled and able-bodied people.