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Frequently asked questions


Whilst the Lions club of Windsor arranges insurance to protect its own liabilities, riders must ensure that they are suitably insured for a public event.
1. Is it compulsory to wear protective body armour?

A: All riders must wear hard hats, riders participating in the jumping course must also wear body protectors conforming to (EN13158) BETA Level 3. All riders are required to complete a rider’s details and medical card to be carried in an armband holder or if not possible in an outside pocket. Dress optional.


2. How high are the jumps?

A: There are two sets of jumps to choose from, a novice at between 2ft and 2ft6″ and an expert at between 3ft and 3ft6″. .


3. What surfaces does the ride take place on?

A: The ride is genuinely cross-country and as such covers various surfaces. Mostly on rough grass, riding track and approximately one mile on private road.


4. Can my family/friends drive around the course?

A: It is not possible for vehicles to drive around The Great Park. The park is closed to vehicles with the exception of emergency and officials. There is a free minibus service that runs from the car park at Smiths lawn to designated stops around the course.


5. Can I enter on the day?

A: No. Entries are closed usually one week before the event. We have a limited capacity and the ride is generally over subscribed. If you register online your entry has not been accepted until you are in receipt of your entry number and sponsorship forms.


6. Which charities will the event be supporting next year?

A: As always our major beneficiary will be the Riding for the Disabled Association. The Lions Club of Windsor takes very seriously our position as guardians of your money. We receive many requests for financial support throughout the year and the club considers and investigates these requests in depth before deciding on which causes we will support.


7. What percentage of money raised goes to charity?

A: The unique way the event is organised and run means that almost 100% of money raised in recent events has gone to worthwhile causes. The course is constructed entirely by members and supporters of The Lions Cub of Windsor (all volunteers). Members of other Lions and Leos clubs, local scouts, guides etc marshal the course. The minibuses, car and box park stewards even the catering, all done by volunteers. The ride in total involves over 300 people all giving up their time freely for anything up to 9 months in advance