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Frequently Asked Questions:

How many people in a team ?

a team can consist of up to 8 swimmers plus your non swimming team captain.  Junior teams may consist of up to 8 swimmers PLUS A MANDATORY adult non-swimming captain. 

How long does a team have to swim ?

Teams swim during each hour and each team will swim for 55 minutes, leaving 5 minutes for changeovers.   Adult teams should complete (1 Lap = 2 lengths of the pool). There can be special arrangements for younger children to swim 1 length of the pool.

How are swim times arranged ?

If a team wishes to swim at a particular time this should be indicated on the Entry (registration) Form, swim times are allocated on a “first come, first served” basis

 At what age will a young person require a parental consent form ?

A parental consent form has to be completed for all swimmers aged sixteen or under on day of the Swimathon.

What are the storage lockers arrangement ?

The leisure Centre installed new lockers in early 2017, these require a padlock to secure each locker. Swimmers can either bring their own padlock, or a swimmer can purchase one from Reception for £4. If the swimmer wish to keep this lock for future use they can, or the padlock can be returned to Reception and receive a £3 refund. Prices correct May 2018 please check leisure centre website for updates.

How much of the sponsorship money raised by a team will be donated to the teams chosen charity ?

Teams are asked to send their sponsorship to Windsor Lions, 100% of their sponsorship money will be returned to the teams during the Awards Evening in January 2019. The only cost per team is £15.00 Registration Fee and Gift Aided money will be nominated to Windsor Lions community welfare.

Can Windsor Lions claim Gift Aid ?

Yes, either by swimmers setting up an online ‘just Giving’ website, or if sponsorship is being raised using the Sponsorship form, the sponsors should be asked to tick the ‘gift aid’ column. Note; the sponsor must be pay income tax or capital gains tax equal to the tax deduction from this donation.

When does the sponsorship money have to be paid ?

By Monday 26th November 2018.

Cheques to be made payable to Windsor Lions Club.

When is the sponsorship money given to the team’s nominated charity ?

Donations are presented during an Awards Evening next January (details to be advised). Teams will be invited to the Awards Evening to receive a cheque for their chosen charity, or good cause, team certificates will also be presented.

Can Spectators watch their teams swim ?

Spectators are very welcome, there is seated spectator area alongside the pool.

Are there any restrictions regarding taking Photographs ?Team Captain will be asked if any member of their teams objects to having photographs taken, any objects must be conveyed to the MC.